Insuring your Jet Ski / PWC / Craft – what to consider !

So we see the question all so many times on social media, “Who is cheapest to insure my Ski/PWC/Jet Ski)”. Well our opinion is there is a few things to consider and price should not be the deciding factor ! First of all make a note of your needs 1: Where do you keep the ski/pwc/jet ski 2: Who will ride the ski/pwc/jet ski 3: Their ages and qualifications 4: Liability – some lakes require £4m some coastal slips only require £1m 5: the realistic value of your craft and equipment. When you have a list, make sure your quotes cover all these things – insurance is only cheep if it covers what you want it to cover. Its the one thing you buy that you don’t know the value of until you have to claim.