Personal Watercraft Proficiency Course

Personal watercraft can be single-seater machines or can take two or three people. They are fast and exciting but need to be handled with care.

Whether you just want to have a go on holiday or buy your own machine, our Personal Watercraft course will teach you how to get the best from it. Our course is designed for first time and experienced riders alike. Increasingly our certificate is required for launching in UK harbours, but is also needed if you want to use your PW abroad (ICC)

The course generally starts at 10am, you will be briefed on controls and collision avoidance before going afloat. After a familiarisation period and a tour of the operating area including local regualtions you will be given time to get  familiar with the PWC. You will then be given a series of  learning based tasks; Slalom, Collision Avoidance, Man Over Board and Towing. The final exercise of the day will be a passage plan back in the harbour following the Navigation Marks. We will refuels the Jet Ski’s / PWC and cover environmental issue. 

After a late Lunch we will cover on the shore, Launch & Recovering, Towing, Aftercare, Navigation, Tides, IRPCS. 

The course is normally conducted on our craft with 6 students and 3 craft. The instructor will be in a RIB and you are not expected to be on a PWC with someone you don’t know. 

The course is £299 per person and dates are on our Facebook Page – Updated Regularly 




Launching, handling and recovery skills, passage planning and decision making, high and low speed riding skills, essential safety information, collision avoidance and orientation at sea

Self-sufficient in good conditions, aware of limitations of self and craft

1 day

12. Certificates for children aged between 12 and 16 will be endorsed to show that they must use PWs only under the supervision of a responsible adult