Summer PWC Tips 

In the summer, you have more opportunities to ride your personal watercraft (PWC). It’s a great way to spend time on the water. But when everyone is spending more time near water, boating accidents increase as well. What else can you do to keep your PWC safe and secure this summer while also having fun in the water? Here are some helpful tips for keeping cool and worry-free this summer when using your PWC:


Regularly check your PWC’s battery and hose

It is important that you inspect the grommets in your PWC’s hoses and the voltage of the battery before even turning on the PWC for cleaning or checking. Maintaining your PWC will ensure that it works properly and that you can use it when you want to, not just when it wants to. Especially when used in saltwater, hoses are prone to wear and tear. Make sure the hoses are in good shape, and replace them if they leak.


 A multimeter is one of the best ways to test your battery. If the battery voltage is too low, it needs to be charged. To ensure that your watercraft is ready to hit the water, you should also check the spark plugs, oil level, and impeller.

Wear a life-jacket

On the water, safety should always come first. Wearing a life jacket is an absolute must when you are using your PWC. If you were to fall from your PWC, a life jacket will help prevent you from getting into trouble on the water. At all times, you should make sure if you have a child with you, that the child wears a life vest and is within arms’ reach. It is also important to ensure that the straps of your vest fit snugly against your body.

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Keep away from areas with a lot of traffic

You should avoid areas with a lot of traffic on the water, even though it may be difficult during the busy summer season. There may be a lot of inexperienced boaters on the water who have no idea how your PWC works. All kinds of hazards may be attached to vessels, including nets or ropes, such as fishing boats. Avoid areas with a high volume of traffic if you don’t want to run into any of these hazards. Take your PWC to a quieter area where you won’t have to worry about running into anything.


Try out new equipment at the dock

It can feel a little intimidating when you first start using new equipment. That is why it’s a good idea to get a feel for how it works while you’re still at the dock. Use a safe environment and as you become more comfortable using the equipment, you can use it on the water. 


Keep your PWC in place while you swim

It’s advised to use a rope to keep your PWC in place while you’re swimming. When you’re in the water, rope can make a big difference when it comes to keeping your PWC safe.

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Keep valuables out of sight

Something left in plain sight may be tempted to be taken by someone. Keep valuables out of sight in a place where they can’t be seen easily if you have them on your PWC. Be sure to pay attention to your surroundings and to lock up your PWC when it’s not in use.


We hope you can use these tips to keep you and your PWC safe and secure, while also enjoying a fun summer filled with water activities.


If you would like to enjoy using a PWC this summer, Waterwise Marine offers a Personal Watercraft Training Course which will teach you how to get the most from it. To find out more contact us today.